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Irrigation Systems Melbourne

MLH are specialists in all forms of irrigation including automatic, drip feed and garden irrigation.

It can be very confusing deciding the best way to irrigate your garden and effectively implement home irrigation systems or install lawn irrigation.  MLH Irrigation Systems specialists are able visit your garden and draw up an irrigation plan.  Seeing the garden will enable them to identify factors that will impact upon the irrigation systems plan, such as the type of plants, where the garden beds are located, what type of turf is laid, the type of soil, and so on.

They will also be able to quote on the cost of installing automatic, drip feed and other forms of garden irrigation and lawn irrigation systems and take care of the installation of your home irrigation system.

Commercial Irrigation Contractors Victoria

We can also plan, supply, install and maintain larger irrigation systems for agriculture, vineyards, golf courses and tennis courts. If you need sports irrigation systems for tennis courts or sporting grounds, contact us for a free quotation today!

Types of Irrigation Systems

Irrigation | Irrigation Systems MelbourneThere are two main types of irrigation systems: sprinkler systems and drip irrigation or drip feed systems. 

With sprinkler systems, it is important that the sprinklers are correctly positioned so that there is minimal water wastage.  The sprinkler heads should be pointed in towards the garden, with no spray onto driveways, roads, or buildings.  
Drip irrigation systems are extremely water efficient.  Drip irrigation systems use less water, minimize evaporation, eliminate wind drift and overspray, reduce run off, deliver water directly to the roots of the plant, and is not impeded by plant growth. 

Types of Drip Irrigation

There are three main types of drip irrigation systems – water weeping hose, in-line drip tube, and plug in drippers.

Water weeping hoses weep water at a rate of approximately two litres per fifteen metres per minute along its entire length.  It is designed to run at a low pressure and each hose can be up to thirty metres long.  

In-line drip tubes are poly pipes that have drip emitters built in at regular spacings.  In-line drip tubes have previously been used primarily for agriculture but are now available for domestic applications.

Plug in drippers can be fixed or adjustable.  Fixed drippers can be set at a rate of two, four, and eight litres per hour while adjustable drippers can be set anywhere from two to forty-five litres per hour.  

Manual versus Automatic Irrigation Systems

Manual irrigation systems are a cheaper alternative to automatic irrigation systems, however, you need to turn the taps on and off at periodic intervals.  Whilst a mechanical or electronic tap timer can be used, it is not recommended as it can decrease the flow rate by as much as fifty percent.

Automatic irrigation systems are a more expensive option but they operate independently, can be set to water at the most efficient time of the day, operate even when you are away, and they can be fitted with a rain sensor.

For More Information or a Free, No Obligation Quotation

Please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can assist you with your irrigation needs anywhere in Melbourne. You can use our online Contact Form to contact us, call us on 1300 456 654 or send us an email at info@mlhcorporation.com.au.

A representative of our irrigation team will organise a convenient time that suits “you” to visit you on site and provide you with a written outline of your irrigation services requirements and an estimate of cost. And remember, all our site visits and quotations are provided free of charge.

MLH Irrigation Services – “Your Landscape, Grounds & Property Maintenance Partner


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